Agnishatdal is about staying, growing together

It is my dream project, that much is only true, it might have become very lack luster had you not extended your hands and joined mine. Actually I personally believe it would have been really drab! πŸ˜‰


Though it will be my responsibility to keep the magazine bulky but it will be my actual joy to share your works in it, so that we can add something from all corners of the world in it.


As I will not be able to pay you anything financially in the first year I will try to make up by other means, by making the magazine reach more and more people, so that our toils spread all across the globe.


If things turn out the way I want to it will… maybe you will see someone reading it as you commute in your city in Florida or Norfolk or Ireland! πŸ™‚


Till then… let us concentrate on creating a wonderful read! I am eagerly looking for those who will join me for long term like Gayle (, Raghu (Β and Lisa ( had, one has already gifted me with half a dozen amazing works, the other one has committed for sharing her works every month and Raghu has given me open access to all his works!


I truly am blessed when it comes to friends!


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