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After joining Agnishatdal as writer/painter/photographer…



You can utilize this writing experience as a booster to your own dreams, we all are pursuing one thing or other in life, some of us are busy in some career some in our writing/painting/blogging world.


Use your bio/ self intro to share yourself with your readers, who you are, what you are capable of and what you can offer them. Remember one thing, Agnishatdal is not about one person, I may be it’s creator but it is for all of us! So feel absolutely free to tell, boast …


Use your page (advertisement page) to give people a vivid or elaborate glimpse into your world.


I was once a bookworm, am still an avid reader but no matter how many blogs I read, how many books I read I always prefer books/blogs that give a clear feeling that a human being is handling it, s/he is reading your comments and feeling happy that someone bothered to leave a comment.


Someone who treats readers as human beings and wont mind a mail or two from them, a few questions and an autograph maybe…


So meet your readers as human beings, believe me, they do want to know about their writers, they don’t mind knowing if their writer is a cat person or dogs person!


You can use Agnishatdal as showcase of your talent, your world, your career, I absolutely don’t mind as long as it fits in with the general idea of the magazine-


“a magazine which will try its best to become a classic! A book which any human being who knows he is first human being then anything else will love to share with his/her family/friends.”


Join me, let’s make it a shining sun in literary world!


IMG_0025 sharmishtha 17.2.16 sm


A bookworm transformed into an addicted writer. I love to write and illustrate them myself. By love I mean love, no half-hearted relationship, a full-fledged, passionate love, I can’t pass two days in a stretch without writing/painting (cyber), just feel empty like lovers do when their lovers are away on a tour! Even though I am thoroughly enjoying self-publishing with amazon, but if you like my work and want to publish my works in your magazine, books or better if you want to publish a book of my works please make me very happy by contacting me. Or if you want to sell my works on commission basis only!! contact me, I will be quite relieved. Honestly writing and selling your own work is a very BORING combination. So you are more than welcome! Mail me, or go to- my blog (I have 16 blogs in wordpress, all active, some on daily basis, every one on weekly basis screaming and vowing my LOVE for writing and painting- this one is first-born, so special) (You will get the link to my remaining blogs there) or you can check out my ezines- monthly- And if you want fb you can go to my page, linkedin- my email id and I am in goodreads and completelynovel too I guess I said enough about myself, right? You will forget if I stuff too much here, so if you are curious to know this humble creature just join me in my blogs :)

16 thoughts on “After joining Agnishatdal as writer/painter/photographer…

  1. I love the sound of this Sharmishtha, and as soon as my life has calmed down a little, I want to join! I know I keep saying I’ll email you and I will… hopefully soon! xxx


    1. and I will be impatiently waiting for you! take your time, I know the turmoil you are going through! Agnishatdal will stay, that much is certain, so give yourself priority!

      much, much love.


      1. why not? it covers every thing constructive I will say excluding eros, that too is constructive but not for this magazine, love, romance is absolutely fantastic but not overdose 😉

        Your writing is amazing! if you think you can share with us, you can send your works in monthly episodes, It will be absolutely cool! Apart from that you can write any thing you wish – poem, short stories, essays… I will be adding a little glimpse of the magazine in a day or two. if you want to check out the sample send me a mail @

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      2. that sounds cool. I was wondering if the series of posts I have been doing on grace might work for your ezine audience? I could put a chapter of my forthcoming book in there. Let me know what you think. I might be able to pull in some of the folks I quoted and have their work added. Let me know.


      3. They will be absolutely great! Yes, adding a chapter will be fantastic, if you can bring more writers that will be a huge favour! Thanks a lot and don’t wait any longer, send me what you want to share and your bio (including your contact/blog details) and I will need a photo/symbol of you to share here and FB.

        Thanks and much gratitude.

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      4. What is the deadline? I would like to include a link to pre-order the book but I can’t set that up on Amazon until June 27 since I want a publication date of Sept 27 which is my late sister’s birthday. Her last request was that I publish the book. So I won’t have a link until June 27. I am hoping I have it that day! I want to submit the first chapter or so to your ezine. What is the length requirement? Let me know so I can tailor my selection to stay within bounds. Do let me know the deadline. I could always give you the link to the book’s landing page instead which will have the purchase links as soon as I have them.


      5. Don’t worry about the size, it is absolutely ok if you send me the link later, I will simply add it wherever you will ask me to! there is no size fuss, if it is very big (say more than 10 word pages then you can squeeze it, otherwise it is absolutely fine!). Sorry to know that you have lost your sister! May her soul rest in peace!

        Don’t forget to add your bio.


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