Agnishatdal the Ezine (1st Issue will come out on 17.7.16)

agnishatdal the ezine


Right now I can’t promise you financial payments but I will try to make up with other things if you join me in my attempt of creating this classic, which ultimately will help all the creators/writers I firmly believe.


For the first year I wont be able to financially pay you anything (If I earn anything from the magazine I will try to invest that in the site, so that all both get more popularity).


But I will happily do two things-

one there will be a gallery of contributors in the magazine where you will be introduced to the readers and you  can say anything you want (I will edit it, get approved by you before publishing it of course), the same gallery will be in the website too!


two, if you want to place a single, one page ad about anything/everything in the magazine that is appropriate for the magazine (keep in mind its wannabe classic goal) I will publish it, but there wont be any hyperlinks, only old-fashioned printed advertisements.


So if you want to join Agnishatdal, at present I will be really glad to see your mails in my inbox- and do be sure about getting an answer from me, if  you don’t ask!

9 thoughts on “Agnishatdal the Ezine (1st Issue will come out on 17.7.16)

  1. Hahaha…. Are you serious???
    If you are serious then I really interested to join your dream. It will be better to make an online magazine like Entrepreneur, your story, forbs, etc. Because I don’t think you have to spend money on publishing papers. I’ll not talk here on it so I’ll send you email.
    Honestly to say, I also want to start a magazine so I’ll really contribute to your magazine success as possible as to me.


    1. then let’s do it, being a tech blind I will love to have someone who knows technology and will share his knowledge with our readers, yes, write and we will continue in emails from henceforth. thank you so very much!

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      1. Your welcome!
        I would like to help you. Because I have sane dream so it’s also good for me to working with magazine.
        I already working on tech post which submitted you through email.


    1. that will be a divine gift my dear brother, I am a big admirer of your works, they are priceless! will you send them to me as doc file in my email id,, if you want to add photos then you can send them in jpg file but do first copyright and then send I don’t want someone to steal your work!


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